We are extremely proud of the hundreds of awards our young artists have earned over the years! You can also view our NYA Archive for prior years. 


National Youth Theatre Awards

This season, Greasepaint earned 23 awards and 42 additional nominations!

There will be an awards ceremony held at Greasepaint Youtheatre in Scottsdale at 7:30 p.m. (registration beginning at 6:45 p.m.) on Monday, August 8. If possible, please pass this information and the RSVP link below on to the winners and nominees. If they are unable to attend this ceremony, they may alternatively be able to attend one of the other ceremonies held in Arizona, Colorado, or New York later this summer. Award winners, including all cast members of Ensemble and Production awards, will be invited up to the stage for the presentation of the award. Nomination certificates will be available at the registration table for all individual nominees or given to the director for distribution.

Anyone who wants to attend, including all performers who would like to sit in the audience, will need to reserve their tickets so that we know if they will be there and to ensure we have a seat for them (there is the possibility of a sellout). There is a ticket reservations form. All award winners and nominees get 1 free ticket for themselves (as do participants of any Outstanding Ensemble or Production award). Additional tickets are $15/each.



Outstanding Production:
Heathers: The Musical
The Producers

Artist of the Year:

Jack Rose
  • Scrooge - Brophy’s A Christmas Carol
  • Max Bialystock - Greasepaint’s The Producers
  • Pharaoh - VYT’s Joseph/Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Gomez - Brophy’s The Addams Family
  • Kurt’s Dad - Greasepaint’s Heathers
Nathan Sheppard
  • JD - Greasepaint’s Heathers
  • Joseph - VYT's Joseph/Technicolor Dreamcoat
  • Prince Eric - VYT’s The Little Mermaid
  • Daniel - O’Connor’s Once On This Island
  • Dickon - Theater Works’ The Secret Garden
Tatumn Zale
  • Veronica - Greasepaint’s Heathers
  • Ursula - VYT’s The Little Mermaid
  • Hold Me-Touch Me - Greasepaint’s The Producers

Lead Actor in a Musical:
Alyssa Gonzalez: Veronica - Heathers

Lead Actress in a Play:
Bailey Smith: Beatrice - Much Ado About Nothing

Lead Actor (Junior Division):
Jack Yampolsky: Oliver - Oliver!

Supporting Actor in a Musical:
Connor Baker: Fagin - Oliver!

Supporting Actress in a Musical:
Cami Benton: Heather Chandler - Heathers
Cami Benton: Ulla - The Producers
Barrette Janney: Heather McNamara - Heathers
Allison Steward: Widow Corney - Oliver!
Johnna Watson: Heather Chandler - Heathers

Supporting Actor in a Play:
Thomas Steward: Dogberry - Much Ado About Nothing

Featured Actor in a Musical:
Andrey Lull: Carmen - The Producers
Andrey Lull: Ram’s Dad - Heathers

Heathers: The Musical

Set Design:
Pete Bish - Much Ado About Nothing

Musical Direction:
Curtis Moeller - Heathers

Maureen Dias - Heathers
Colin Ross - The Producers


Outstanding Production:
Much Ado About Nothing

Outstanding Production (Junior Division):

Lead Actor in a Musical:
Ian Biggane: JD - Heathers

Lead Actor in a Play:
Hale Stewart: Benedick - Much Ado About Nothing

Lead Actor (Junior Division):
Andy Wissink: Ugly - HONK!

Lead Actress (Junior Division):
Katie Brown: Ida - HONK!

Supporting Actor (College Division):
Nicholas Hambruch: Ram - Heathers

Supporting Actor in a Musical:
Sawyer Bland: Franz - The Producers
Ian Eller: Kurt - Heathers 
Jacob Emnett: Bill Sykes - Oliver!
Sean Lillis: Roger - The Producers
Clay Rollon: Kurt - Heathers

Supporting Actress in a Musical:
Sophia Drapeau: Martha - Heathers 
Katie Rodin: Heather McNamara - Heathers
Greer Tornquist: Heather Duke - Heathers
Gabby Vatistas: Heather Duke - Heathers 
Breagh Watson: Nancy - Oliver!
Breagh Watson: Martha - Heathers

Supporting Actor in a Play:
Patrick Steward: Claudio - Much Ado About Nothing

Supporting Actress in a Play:
Talya Ginsberg: Verges - Much Ado About Nothing

Supporting Actor (Junior Division):
Kyle Hoffmaster: Cat - HONK!
Eric Orson: Drake - HONK!
Owen Stewart: Artful Dodger - Oliver!

Supporting Actress (Junior Division):
Allie Angus: Lowbutt - HONK!
Abby Cardenas: Queenie - HONK!

Featured Actor in a Musical:
Hale Stewart: Mr. Sowerberry - Oliver!

Featured Actress in a Musical:
Bailey Smith: Mrs. Fleming - Heathers

Featured Actress in a Musical:
Johnna Watson: Mrs. Sowerberry - Oliver!

Much Ado About Nothing
The Producers

Ensemble (Junior Division):

Costume Design:
Ben Bozovich - The Producers

Hair/Makeup Design:
Much Ado About Nothing

Set Design:
Karina Bland - HONK!

Molly Lajoie - Oliver!
Lauran Stanis - The Producers
Emily Starrett - Heathers

Musical Direction:
Flora Mogerman - The Producers

Jim Gradillas - HONK!
Jodie Weiss - Much Ado About Nothing